For your Fair Use Free Speech reading on the beach

This is a temporary destination page for the following 8 Free Speech, Fair Use, Nominative Use, and/or legitimate and reasonable purposes domains:

1. For a post related to Leonard Duboff, Portland, Oregon attorney — blind like the superhero Matt Murdoch — kindly visit:

As a related note, I'm pleased to announce the following new Fair Use Free Speech Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes domain:

Recursion Fair Use

2. Note to attorneys: is a dot-legal domain name and website that hosts a discussion of legal issues related to Fierce Fibers, LLC's fight to take down exactly the same discussion. This is as close to recursive Fair Use as you're likely to see. It has the potential to end up as humorous Streisand Effect as well.

3. The domain names and websites listed above may ultimately be distributed to different registrars and VPS hosts located in different countries around the world. They'll probably host synchronized content regardless.

4. We're pleased to report that we've modified to comply with a demand that Auke Kok's initial attorney has made. To see the change which brings us into increased compliance with the Law, click on the link below:

5. A legal document related to Auke Kok, Fierce Fibers, LLC, and Minetest is expected to appear here in February 2018. Auke Kok has, in fact, demanded, through his initial attorney, that the legal document be written. It will discuss:

* Copyright and trademark issues related to Fierce Fibers, LLC
* Legal issues related to Free Speech and Nominative Use
* Communications with third parties
* Stalking and harassment by a group that Auke Kok has, in part, led
* Felonies of other types committed by the group in question
* False and fraudulent allegations made by Auke Kok
* Possible abuse of process by Fierce Fibers, LLC
* Defamation by Auke Kok and his subordinates
* Possible perjury charges against Auke Kok and Stacey Serafin
* Applicability of the U.S. RICO Act to Auke Kok's group
* Statements related to spousal and child abuse that Auke Kok made on New Year's Day 2018

and legal issues of other types. The document is expected to be 10 to 15 pages long, though this is just a guess. It'll be snail-mailed, for legitimate and reasonable purposes, to people in Hillsboro, Oregon as well as other cities and states.

For related material, visit

6. I see that my niece Riane Kiraly or one of her friends may have visited already. There's a hit from Rhinelander, Wisconsin, at any rate.

This reminds me. If you're curious about the spousal abuse situation that Auke Kok mocked, and about the year-long gag order cases that people say didn't happen, feel free to visit Haggis Hell as well:

And *that* reminds me to mention to my friend at Intel — or perhaps the company is a coincidence — that I can see it when you use Google Cache to visit Haggis Hell.

End of announcement. Thank you for your time.