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Welcome. This is a draft site re­la­ted to the Minetest Book.

This site is writ­ten in Haggis, a blog frame­work and markup language created by OldCoder. It's mobile-responsive but it doesn't need JavaScript except for statistics.

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191008 Tuesday — Minetest contributors
Andrew Ward aka Rubenwardy

There is a Minetest cast of characters page at the fol­low­ing link:


We plan to dis­cuss the contributions made by each per­son. Figures include Andrew Ward, Auke-Jan Kok, Paul LeBlanc, Vanessa Ezekowitz Dannenberg, Ronny Barthmann, Lars Hofhansl, and a host of others.

191009 Wednesday — PDF Documents

For doc­u­ments related to the story, click here. Here's a quick list:

Statement to police:   click here
Future of Minetest:   click here
Pale Moon legal response:   click here

The Documents page provides more context.

191008 Tuesday — Other articles

1. Octupus, also known as Jordach, Real Bad Angel, and Landmine, is one of the most important figures in Minetest. To read more about the Octupus persona, click here.

2. To read “Watercodia”, a story that Octupus and I wrote together, click here.

3. OldCoder has poured time and energy into Minetest since 2012. It was foolish of him. How did he get roped into this? The answer may be found at this link.

4. Here are some miscellaneous pages:

Notes on MiJyn, a 2012 figure:   click here
Fierce Fibers:   click here

191008 Tuesday — Domains

Domains: For now, the fol­low­ing 10 Free Speech, Fair Use, Nominative Use, and/or le­gi­ti­mate and reason­able pur­poses domains all go to this page.

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